Born and raised in southern New Hampshire, USA, I grew up with a loving family and had a great church home. After high school, I enrolled in a well-known university to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. While finishing my final semester, I was offered a software engineering position at a large tech company. The pay was unbelievable and it seemed like the opportunity of a lifetime. I ended up graduating near the top of my class and thought I would be fully satisfied with my new position in corporate America.

But throughout my years in school, the Lord slowly began to move on my heart in deeper ways. I began to gather with some friends to study the Bible and to pray together. It was only a short time after beginning my job in corporate America that I began wondering if the Lord had other plans for my life. So I prayed earnestly for God’s direction and for His will to be done.

Two years later, the Lord opened the door for me to attend a ministry internship program for young adults in Missouri. Leaving a secure, high paying job and moving halfway across the country seemed like a big step and a foolish decision in the eyes of the world. But in December 2003, I left my job and moved to Missouri.

I knew the Lord was aligning my steps during that season of my life. The Lord was calling me into full-time ministry, missions, and teaching.

Since January 2004, I've been raising my own financial support to pursue full-time ministry, discipleship, and theological education so that I can be an effective minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In 2012, I was licensed as a minister of the Gospel and have had the honor of officiating several weddings since then. Outside of ministry, I enjoy cycling, skiing, and spending time outdoors in the beauty of God's creation.