Josh has been a worship musician since the age of 9. He has had the opportunity to produce, perform, and record many times. Josh's music is featured on:

Published works

Joy - (2010, including a spontaneous song called "Awakening Melody", plus keyboards, strings, programming on other tracks by Justin Rizzo)
Beckon Me - Joshua Rushing
Beckon Me - Joshua and Mandy Rushing (2009 - keyboards, strings, programming)
The World Can Wait - Merchant Band
The World Can Wait - Merchant Band (2006 - keyboards, strings, programming)
Deep Unto Deep - Various Artists
Face to Face With Love - Deep Unto Deep (2005 - piano)
Song of Solomon Instrumental
Instrumental (2009 - full length project for Korea)
Limited Edition
Limited Edition (various 2007-2011 - a bi-monthly full-length release with tracks featuring Josh on keyboards)

Worship teams

Josh served as the keyboard player for these main worship leaders and bands:

  • Todd Ganovski - 2004-2005
  • Merchant Band - 2005-2007
  • Justin Rizzo - 2008-2011
  • Marcus Meier - 2011-2013

Music Player

Listen to some of Josh's music. Please do not use or redistribute this music without my prior written consent.

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