As a full-time minister of the Gospel, I rely on the generosity of the body of Christ to sustain my life in ministry to the Lord and to others.

This page will be updated with pressing, unusual, or extraordinary needs that I have. If the Lord would have you give to any of these needs, I would be eternally grateful. Your gift may be tax-deductible. For more information on giving to these needs, view this page.

My home's central A/C unit - high priority

4/22/21 - My home's central A/C unit is over 20 years old and no longer blows cold air. In Texas, central A/C is a necessity as temperatures and humidity make it unbearable in the late spring and summer months. A friend from church owns a local HVAC company and came to investigate. He detected a major leak in the system and gave me a quote to replace the leaking coil and aging compressor unit. I have a small savings for emergencies like this, but nothing to cover something this large. My home has been a place of prayer, Bible teaching, and deep encouragement for college students over the past 7 years that I’ve lived here. If you feel led to contribute some funds to my need, I’d be deeply grateful!

Goal: $8000. Current progress: $0.

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