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What is "the faith"? What is it that Christians actually believe and what unifies us together? In this talk from the Daniel Training Network annual conference in October 2015, Josh outlines the Gospel as the Apostles of Jesus passed it down to us.

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Modern Western Christian theology has developed in tandem with the Western worldview, which incorrectly divides existence into two distinct realms - "natural" and "supernatural". Because of this unbiblical dichotomy, two streams of thought have developed regarding salvation and sovereignty -...

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In light of the promises of the age to come, how then shall we live in this age? We will all stand before the judgment seat of Christ, and His evaluation of us on that Day will be the thing that matters most above everything else in our lives.

In this provoking teaching, Dwayne Roberts...

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The circumstantial ease of the West has contributed to a false understanding that suffering is not normal to the Christian life. Jesus often spoke otherwise.

Jesus is seen as glorious through the alleviation of suffering and the display of His power, but is also seen as glorious through...